Deeksha Mentors

DeekshaMentors, a fast growing, influential initiative, has successfully fostered many organizations by implementing effective systems and process, honing human resource through empowerment and providing intervention & consultancy.

Empowering and mentoring, for over a decade, the founder influencers envisaged DeekshaMentors to influence and transform, corporate and educational institutions through research, analytics, process and continuous intervention. The processes and result oriented approach has seen DeekshaMentors come to be, one of the strongly contending niche “influencers” in the corporate and educational sector.

Tools that organizations can use to nurture and grow are created and implemented. Mentors demonstrate, explain and model. Protégés observe, question, and explore.The cornerstone of all of DeekshaMentors programs is the focus on deliberate learning. The mentoring value of promoting intentional learning, which includes capacity building through well defined processes such as instruction, coaching, case study, analysis,re-modeling and consulting is our practice.