Empowerment is a gift, not merely of textual knowledge, but of hands on experience in relation to knowledge.

Aviate for B-schools

Is education the ultimate source of knowledge? Do educational institutions or the curriculum teach a student how to deal with the functional nittygritty of the world outside? The debate in the industry – Is a graduate “fully”equipped ?

AVIATE is a well defined, crisp module aimed at providing academic agility to students preparing for their final leap into the corporate world from B-schools. AVIATE is meant to act as the bridge between the academic knowledge gained & the utilization of the knowledge gained in the real world opportunities. AVIATE empowers:

  • To improve skills regarding - Facts, Analysis, Synthesis, Alternatives and Recommendations.
  • To improve skills on understanding strategic intent and organizational norms. Executing to a strategic plan.
  • To improve conceptual understanding of what makes organizations lasting.

The methodology of AVIATE is a hybrid model of self analysis, peer learning, case studies and group activities. The ability to learn from peer group interactions perhaps provides a lasting interest in a student. AVIATE also aims at making its participant articulate openly their ideas and allows for interaction that is not judgmental.


Discovering inner potential by stepping outdoors and learning from nature is what AANANDA is all about. Mentoring and influencing processes set in the outbound format, are very popular programs, creatively using nature as a backdrop and as the supreme mentor.

The AANANDA program uses the invaluable concepts of action and experiential learning – one’s experiences serving as a learning tool – and aim at consistently helping individuals gain immediate and powerful insight into their own and their team’s work styles and behavior. One of the most unique aspects of AANANDA is that individuals are immediately able to see the consequences of ineffective paradigms and can see the tangible difference that can be made by a scientific paradigm approach in thinking and behavior. Our trained facilitators enthusiastically help them to extrapolate the learning from these outdoor activities to their workplace. These processes have over and again proclaimed itself as one of the best platforms for personality development, confidence building and team building.

The AANANDA program can be coupled with any module in the Empowerment series or chosen as an individual program by itself, customized to target the required outcome of the process.


One of the main reasons for the conflicts that arise within oneself and the outer world is because of a three-letter paradoxical word called ego. Ego prevents a person from growing, and it is the same ego that helps a person grow. A worm feels it has finished what it needs to do, or at times, thinks there is nothing it can do, and so it goes into a cocoon and metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly. It is in the stage of development called Metamorphosis that everything wonderful takes place.

As the word implies, the Metamorphosis program is developed for individuals within a business to align & achieve individual and team objectives to in the organization. This program involves the process of clarifying of belief systems, reinforcing confidence, developing an attitude of personal accountability through various activities like self-identification, meditation and various games. The outcome of the program has motivated individuals & teams to deliver, along with an improved loyalty and aficionado towards the organization and its goals.

Bulls Eye

Corporate in the entire industry is facing a competent sales force resource crunch due to numerous reasons. Continuous empowerment in sales has thus become a necessity.

BULLS-EYE is a graded and structured mentoring program for sales team at all levels – entry, mid level or senior. With techniques and role plays built to break boundaries and inhibitions, and arrive at oozing levels of confidence, the BULLS-EYE program empowers the team to perceive targets as achievable and develop strategies by themselves to achieve.

As is the practice of Deeksha Mentors, the program has been created and being delivered by a team who have proven themselves in sales.

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