Human Capital Management

Deeksha Mentors’ Human Capital Management program delivers increased focus on helping you build your HR Strategy by lowering your center of gravity on the leadership hierarchy and building a high performance work ethic framework. Also on board are processes and practices that promotes talent identification and retention process – all aimed at the ultimate goal of making you an employer of choice.

The HCM program also considerably reduces your focus on transactional supplements and increases concentration on strategy and execution excellence by providing Operations support in...

  • Payroll administration
  • Employee reimbursements administration
  • Policy administration
  • Employee communications (news letters, e-zines, employee blog administration)
  • Pre-boarding assistance and administration
  • Training administration
  • Performance Management process administration
  • HR Analytics
  • E-SAT Administration
  • Training related analytics
  • Exit process management
  • Feedback management and analysis
  • Provision of virtual assistance both online and offline, in the form of an outsourced HR Helpdesk, Virtual Classrooms, trainers etc.